6 Awesome NHL Hockey Birthday Party Ideas

Stanley Cup Ice Cream Cones with Skittles

Are you a hockey fan or have a kiddo that plays? Check out my 6 awesome NHL Hockey Party ideas! 

Ever wonder what kind of birthday party to plan for your tomboy seven year old daughter? Yeah, me either. That was until mine asked for a hockey themed birthday party. Yeah, you heard that right. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love themes and everything and he loves hockey so I was kind of excited. thing is, I’m also kind of a semi-homemade mom, meaning I’d rather make it easier on myself and buy a cake and whatever other party decorations are already on the market. Thing is, hockey is a tad different. Yeah, you can find party favors and what not but when it comes to cakes and snacks, you don’t have much to work with (thanks Amazon!).

So, what’s a hockey mom to do? Scour the internet and Pinterest for idea of course. So that’s that’s exactly what I did. I found some ideas and even came up with a few of my own along the way. My daughter’s party was at our local Winter Sports Park where all her friends could sled and skate so it worked out perfectly with her requested theme.

Little Girl Figure Skating

My little hockey player wasn’t always a hockey and started out as figure skater. She was SO cute but hated it. Can you tell by the look on her face? She figured skated because big sister figure skated but she decided to move over to hockey with big brother and that’s where we’ve been ever since.

If you are in need of some hockey themed party treats and snacks I have got your back and hope you find a few cool ideas!

NHL Hockey Sticker Book

#1. Party Favors: NHL Sticker Books & Stickers only $1 at Dollar Tree!! 

Hershey's Kisses with Hockey Stickers

#2. Hockey Sticker Labels from Amazon. They’re little, round and fit perfectly on the bottom of Hershey’s Kisses!

Hockey Birthday Party Cake

#3. Hockey cake: I bought a premade cake from Walmart. I was totally late to the party on this and couldn’t get our actual team colors but hey, I got a cake at least! For the cake toppers I scored this Playmobil NHL Advent Calendar on clearance at our local store store.

NHL Hockey Puck Ding Dongs

#4. Hockey Puck Treats: Can you guess what they are? Ding Dongs! Confession: I’ve never tried a Ding Dong and to be honest I didn’t try one while making these….



  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. 
  2. Open the Ding Dongs and discard the wrappers
  3. Open the Wilton white cookie icing and place in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Shake well and then write the letters ‘NHL’ on each Ding Dong so they resemble a hockey puck. Let them set and dry, otherwise they will smoosh together if you try and stack them. 

Hockey Jersey Sweater Cookies

#5. Hockey Jersey Sweater Cookies: I think these were my overall favorite and I have a secret: I used clearance ugly sweater cookies from Walmart (her party was in January)! 



  1. If baking cookies from scratch, follow the recipe link I provided above. If going to store brought route, continue here….
  2. You are going to want to microwave the white Wilton cookie icing for 10-15 seconds and shake well. Outline the outer edges of the hockey jersey and let set. 
  3. Once the outer edges have set generously fill in the cookie. You can leave a few small gaps and then use the toothpicks to fill the gaps in. 
  4. Let the cookies set. 
  5. Once the cookie icing has set, use the Wilton blue cookie icing to fill in the middle letter of your choice (ours is obviously ‘P’) and outline the arms. 
  6. Repeat with all cookies. 

Stanley Cup Ice Cream Cones with Skittles

#6. Stanley Cup Ice Cream Cones: Ok, seriously, what hockey is complete with Stanley Cup treats? 


  • 2-3 ice cream cones (buy extra, trust me) 
  • Skittles or other small candy of your choice
  • Knife
  • 3-4 Wilton Silver Mist 
  • White frosting, any brand 


  • Line several baking sheets with parchment paper.
  • Using the knife, very carefully cut the top portion of the ice cream cone off. This part is tricky because my ice cream cones kept breaking in half so go slow. 
  • Place the cut ice cream cone halves on the prepared baking sheet. 
  • Once you have all your halves in the baking sheets, carefully spray the them with the Wilton silver mist spray in a well ventilated area. Let them dry, turn them over and repeat the process until they are fully coated in silver spray. 
  • After the cones have completely dried, add a little bit of frosting to the bottom inside of the ice cream ‘cup’ – this will be your top part. Turn a bottom over and carefully attach the top section. Let dry. 
  • Repeat with all tops and bottoms. 

Aside, from the hockey themed treats, I served your usual birthday party fair – mainly pizza and the kids loved it! 

Hockey Party Birthday Ideas






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